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Hanifah Font

Hanifah is a script font that mimics handwriting or calligraphy. These fonts often have flowing and cursive strokes, and are designed to look as though they were written by hand with a pen or brush. Script fonts can range from elegant and formal to casual and playful, and they are often used in design applications where a personal or handmade touch is desired. They can be particularly effective in branding, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other types of graphic design. There are many different styles of script fonts, ranging from traditional calligraphy-inspired scripts to more modern and casual designs. Some script fonts may feature ornate flourishes or swashes, while others may have a more simple and streamlined appearance. It is important to note that while script fonts can add a beautiful and unique touch to designs, they can also be more challenging to read than more traditional fonts. As a result, they are often used sparingly and in conjunction with other fonts to ensure readability and legibility.

Try before you buy Hanifah font for iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows for free, or you can download the full version with a commercial license here.

Hanifah Script Font

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License: Personal, Commercial
Font Type: Free
Format: TTF
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