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Gidglet Font

Gidglet is a serif font highlighting the height differences of the letters’ thick and thin parts, and has elegant, clear letters. Little hooks and lines on the letter edges show classical, traditional nuances to your designs. Moreover, the thick and thin letter parts are clearly seen in a high contrast serif font. The thin letter lines show elegant characteristics, while the thick ones express firm, clear nuances. Such high contrasts between the thick and thin parts add dimensions and prominence to the designs. As a result, such a font is perfectly applicable for designs with formal, elegant, professional impressions in big text sizes in order for the beauty and the contrasts of such thick and thin parts to be clearly seen. In addition, you may enjoy the available features here as well.

Try before you buy Gidglet font for iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows for free, or you can download the full version with a commercial license here.

Gidglet Serif Font

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Gidglet Font-646d3c1a9ede7

Gidglet Font-646d3c1ae807c

License: Personal, Commercial
Font Type: Free
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